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I have been left numb and saddened by the events that hit Manchester. Lives that were lost, many of which were children. I read the news in horror... More

You may have heard by now that a national newspaper set about slating the parent bloggers who they have deemed, ‘slummy mummies’ because of what... More

I have spent much of my life feeling pretty average at things. I got average grades at school, I am an average cook, I can play the piano averagely.... More

How does the old age saying go? “Ignorance is bliss? Well, no it is not. Especially when it comes to children with additional needs. I have noticed... More

This is a blog I wrote a couple of years ago after I was having a really hard time with my depression. Subsequently, this blog has resulted in... More

This is me, a young(ish) mother of two. I have a boy who is five and a girl of three. They are my world but they have also been the biggest challenge... More

As I was growing up I always saw Pastor’s wives as strong and passionate women of God. I always marvelled at their faith and how supportive they... More