Bringing the Word to Life

Let’s make a commitment in 2017 to let the Bible speak into our everyday lives!

God’s word has the power to transform our lives, communities and nation. So throughout 2017, Premier will be bringing you programmes, resources, initiatives and events  help the word of God come alive for you. It also aims to equip you to bring the word of God into your everyday life, into your family, workplace or community.

If the Church is not being strengthened, challenged and encouraged by scripture then it cannot be salt and light in our culture. As individuals if we aren’t letting the bible speak into our everyday life we are missing out on a tremendous blessing. From 1st January 2017, Premier presenters will be reading the Bible daily on air.  You’ll be able to hear this one Premier Christian Radio Weekdays, 2.35pm, Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 9.30pm.

So be part of our ‘Bring the Word to Life’ campaign and join us on this journey into God’s word and its life giving power.

Content & Resources

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Mental illness is a serious problem in society today and one that I feel is too often brushed under the carpet.


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Evangelicals can be guilty of forgetting that scripture and the Savior are dual authorities – and instead pit them against one another.


5 Bible verses to help you find peace in a broken world

Here are 5 bible verses that can help us find peace in the storm and remind us that everything will be okay, all we need to remember is that Jesus is in our boat.