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As a large collection of books, spread over a vast period of time, with a number of different authors; the Bible offers a wealth of knowledge, history and instruction that is valuable to every Christian.... More

When was the last time you read your Bible?Do you find it easy to take time for a regular read, or is it spending most of its time propping up the bookshelf?Theologian in Residence at The Bible Society... More

Do you struggle to find time to pick up your Bible? More

Mental illness is a serious problem in society today and one that I feel is too often brushed under the carpet. I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s because the pain isn’t physical? I’m not too sure what the... More

Recently I’ve had a number of instances where my doctrine and faith position have been challenged. Within the space of a year I’ve seen friends turn from the faith and I have been confronted by a number... More

I won’t beat around the bush; the last few months have been pretty depressing. Terrorist attacks in Turkey, mass shootings in Orlanda, Zika virus spreading across continents, Britain exit the EU, young... More

Evangelicals can be guilty of forgetting that scripture and the Savior are dual authorities – and instead pit them against one another  Robert Keay asks whether we can end the war More

In the first of our features for 'New Year New You' we looking at things the Bible doesn't say about money.Whether you are struggling to make ends meet post-Christmas, or reassessing your finances for... More