10 cheap and cheerful things to do this October half-term

Stuck for ideas and low on cash? Fill your half-term to overflowing with these fun and affordable activities…

If you have children you may already be wondering how you’re going to fill the week ahead without spending a small fortune, but there are plenty of things you can do without racking up a huge bill. The key is to use your imagination rather than your credit card!

  1. Get outdoors. Find some scrunchy leaves or muddy puddles and enjoy the colours, sounds and mess together. Wellies and waterproofs are a must!
  2. Have a picnic. Instead of having your lunch at the table, think of a fun place you can eat it each day. Build a den, drive to the nearest airport to watch the planes or brave the local park and enjoy your sandwiches in a completely new setting for a week.
  3. Visit the library. Libraries can be really magical places for all family members, providing access to reams of information and amazing fictional worlds. Many libraries host free events, so find out what’s happening at your local branch.
  4. Do some topical crafting. You could carve a pumpkin, make toffee apples or even start creating Christmas cards. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild – you might just get inspired yourself!
  5. Recreate your favourite Bible story. This could take any number of forms, from radio show to comic strip to potato print to Lego model. You could even have a go at writing a modern-day parable based on one of Jesus’ originals.
  6. Watch a film. Some cinemas offer cheap family tickets during school holidays, often at off-peak times. If your budget is really tight, simply grab some popcorn and stick on a family favourite at home. Snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy the show.
  7. Put on a talent show. Get everyone to practise one thing they’re good at and put on a performance for friends, neighbours or the extended family. Everyone should get a prize for taking part – preferably a delicious one!
  8. Take a bike ride. It’s so exhilarating to whizz through the countryside on two wheels with the wind in your hair and plenty of wildlife to spot on the go. If you don’t have bikes, you could go for a nice long walk instead.
  9. Learn a memory verse. This doesn’t have to be a boring exercise; there are loads of games you can play to help you learn Bible verses. For example, you could hide the words around the room so your children have to find them and put them in order, or you could shoot basketball hoops and reveal a word for every basket scored. The options are endless!
  10. Have a midnight feast. There is nothing more exciting than the prospect of staying up late and eating all the goodies that are normally forbidden. You might even find that you get a lie-in the next day if they children are up way past their normal bedtime.

Whatever you do, and whatever the weather, enjoy this extra time together.