24 family activities for the perfect Advent

There may still be restrictions in place in the leadup to Christmas, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy family time and focus on the real reason for the season.

  1. Write a prayer for each day of Advent. Store them in a prayer jar, then open it and read them on Christmas Day to see how God answered them.
  2. Make a classic Christingle. You’ll need an orange, a candle, tin foil, a red ribbon, cocktail sticks, some dried fruit/sweets and scissors.
  3. Read the Christmas story in the Bible. Do it twice if you like, first with Matthew 1-2 and then with Luke 1-2.
  4. Sing some of your favourite Christmas carols as a family. If you want an extra challenge, try modernising the lyrics to make it more fitting for 2020.
  5. Make Christmas cards for all your loved ones. Stick with the classic glue and glitter combo or take it digital.
  6. Attend an online Advent service. It might not be the same as attending in person, but it’s great to know that others are focusing on Jesus’ birth at this time of year.
  7. Bake Christmas cookies. If you have a star cutter, talk about how the wise men must have felt as they journeyed to meet the newborn king.
  8. Find different storybook versions of the Nativity story. Read them together, comparing the pictures and messages, then pick your favourite.
  9. Make a Christmas wreath with five candles. Light the first to symbolise hope, the second to remember the Christmas journey, the third to represent the joy the shepherds felt, the fourth to reflect the peace the angels brought and the fifth to represent Jesus as the light of the world.
  10. Think about refugees in your area. Imagine how Joseph and Mary felt fleeing to Egypt after Jesus was born. Is there anything you could do to help those in a similar situation?
  11. Imagine being gifted with gold, frankincense and myrrh. What would you do with them? What do you think Mary and Joseph did with them?
  12. Make a ‘stable’ den. You may not have much hay to hand, but improvise using whatever you have in the house to recreate the Nativity scene.
  13. Act out the Christmas story as a family. Write a script or just improvise… mistakes always make a performance funnier!
  14. Make your own decorations. As well as the usual snowflakes and baubles, why not make angels, stars and other Nativity-related decs?
  15. Write a letter to Jesus. Thank him for everything he has done for you this year.
  16. Cut out and decorate paper crowns. Put them on and imagine how the wise men felt travelling from afar on their camels.
  17. Record a Christmas poem or rap. Get creative, with plenty of sound effects and funky rhymes. If you’re feeling brave, email it to friends and brighten their Christmas.
  18. Bake a cake for baby Jesus to celebrate his birth. Deliver slices (in a Covid-safe way) to people in your neighbourhood.
  19. Go back to basics. Imagine what it would have been like to live without electricity, hot water and other modern inventions Jesus and family would have been without. Can you go a whole day without using them?
  20. Get involved with Carols on the Doorstep. Premier Christian Radio will be playing carols at 5.30pm on 20th December, so download the carol sheet and get your neighbours involved.
  21. Have a Christmas bake-off with friends via video link. Who can come up with the best Christmas cake, yule log or mince pie?
  22. Have a night-time shepherd adventure. Wrap up warm and get out in the garden as if you were a shepherd. Imagine how it must have felt to see a host of angels appear.
  23. Look up descriptions of angels in the Bible and draw what you think they would look like. Do they resemble the ones we typically see on Christmas cards?
  24. Design and distribute a Nativity play invitation. It might have to be broadcast via video link, but it’ll be fun for loved ones to see all the props and performances you’ve put together throughout December.