4 of the greatest TV Dads

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we often celebrate the men in our lives that have made a special impact on us. The strength, support, encouragement and love that our fathers have shown to us will remain with us forever. From our heavenly Father to our earthly fathers it is clear that men can and have played a huge part in a lot of people’s situations.

For most of us, TV was a big part of growing up so we thought we’d put together a list of great fatherly role models we grew up watching on the big screen along with what biblical trait they showed. It was a hard task to whittle them down to just 5 but we tried our best. Check out our list of 4 of the greatest TV dads.  

Michael Kyle: My Wife and Kids

Biblical Trait: Repentance

The fun loving joker really loved his family and always wanted to do the right thing by them. Most episodes start off with him being immature and childish but soon realising his shortcomings and making great efforts to put things right and set the right example. Whenever he realised he was wrong, he would often own up and ask for forgiveness from his family. He was in turn forgiving, kind and spoke to his kids in a relevant way always wanting the best for them.


Uncle Phil: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Biblical Trait: Humility


Uncle Phil was a fantastic family man. Even though he was incredibly successful he remained humble and shied away from a flashy lifestyle or showing off his wealth and assets. He was predominantly strict but knew how to have a laugh when the time was right. He showed his class by showing compassion to his nephew Will and taking him in as one of his own kids because Will’s father wasn’t around, ultimately becoming a father to the fatherless. He protected them as best he could.  


Julius: Everybody Hates Chris

Biblical Trait: Responsibility 


Julius is probably one of the funniest fathers to appear on our TV screens. Played by Terry Crews, the character is famous for being extremely tight with money. This isn’t always a good thing but the vast majority of people saw the funny side to it. Even though being tight is not always a desirable characteristic, it translated into teaching his children the value of hard work, finding the best deals, and not spending money on lavish living just for the sake of it.


Phillip Drummond: Different Strokes

Biblical Trait: Compassion


Phillip Drummond from Different Strokes is something of a legend. He showed incredible compassion when he welcomed two black kids from Harlem into his family when their mother, who was his housekeeper, passes away. He taught the boys valuable lessons in life and was a consistent and compassionate role model for them.