40 acts of kindness to attempt this summer

Small acts of kindness can go a really long way…

Sometimes it feels as though we live in a cruel world, with poverty, sickness, conflict and grief all around us. Small acts of kindness can make a real difference to those in our local communities and beyond, so do whatever you can to be a kindness-giver this summer. And if you’re one of those people who is always doing everything for everyone, a few of these are purely for your own benefit!

  1. Hold the door open for someone.
  2. Have a clear-out and give unwanted items away for free.
  3. Say sorry for something you’ve done wrong.
  4. Forgive someone for something they’ve done wrong.
  5. Write a letter to an elderly relative or church member.
  6. Help someone move house.
  7. Make time to pray for the people in your community.
  8. Take a sick friend a useful gift.
  9. Offer to help someone with their bags.
  10. Give yourself an extra hour in bed for a whole week.
  11. Leave a positive review for a product, book, meal or hotel you’ve enjoyed.
  12. Clear up litter in your local park/beach/nature trail.
  13. Send someone a thank you card.
  14. Offer to lead your Bible study or prayer group rather than relying on the same person each week.
  15. Give someone a lift.
  16. Cook a large meal and offer the surplus to someone in need or invite someone over to eat it with you.
  17. Encourage a friend to do some exercise with you.
  18. Do someone else's ironing or washing up.
  19. Give money to a charity that is close to your heart.
  20. Volunteer for a charity that is close to your heart.
  21. Offer to take a friend’s kids out for the day.
  22. Knit/crochet something for your local maternity unit.
  23. Bake a birthday cake for someone who doesn’t have any family nearby.
  24. Sponsor someone in a charity event.
  25. Make your garden more nature-friendly.
  26. Offer to do some odd jobs/DIY for a friend.
  27. Walk/cycle to work rather than taking the car.
  28. Buy someone their favourite drink or chocolate bar.
  29. Help set a technophobic friend up on Skype/Zoom/Teams so they can connect with loved ones who are far away.
  30. Offer someone your seat on public transport.
  31. Commit to texting a grieving friend regularly.
  32. Have a barbecue for the singles, divorcees or bereaved in your church (or all three!).
  33. Find out what your local food bank needs most and then deliver it.
  34. Find out what your local homeless shelter needs most and then deliver it.
  35. Take a long walk in the sunshine with a close friend.
  36. Pop a gift voucher through someone’s door anonymously.
  37. Help a colleague with something that is stressing them out.
  38. Buy goods from a local, family-owned business.
  39. Give someone a much-needed hug.
  40. Talk to people about Jesus!

Galatians 6:10: “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”