8 fun things to do this bank holiday weekend

Stuck for ideas? Here's some food for thought...

Many of us are so used to lockdown life we’ve forgotten how to make the most of our holidays when they roll around. Whatever the weather this May bank holiday, have a few ideas up your sleeve so you can really enjoy the long weekend.

Take a day trip

Lots of places are opening up for outdoor adventures, so enjoy whatever is available to you – whether that means taking a long walk in the Lake District, soaking up the history at Stonehenge, following a coastal trail in Cornwall, cycling up Mount Snowdon or bird spotting in the Outer Hebrides.

Have a makeover

You may need a makeover yourself, or perhaps you’ve been meaning to give your home or garden an overhaul for ages but simply haven’t got round to it. Think about what you need in advance and make sure you have everything ready in time for the weekend. If it’s outdoors and you’re able to social distance, rope a few friends or family members in to help.

Stay in bed all day!

A three-day weekend may be all the excuse you need to have a duvet day. Grab some snacks and have a film fiesta or get lost in a good book. There’s no need to feel guilty about it – life admin can surely wait for a day.

Eat al fresco

If the weather’s fine, pack up a picnic or fire up the barbecue. You’ll need to keep to government guidelines, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy some delicious food with your faves. If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, try making something new and exciting for your family to try. If not, keep it simple!

Play some indoor games

Dust off your favourite board games or play a few video games. Make sure the games you choose are age-appropriate and not too competitive or there may well be tears and tantrums (from the adults as well as the children!).

Play some outdoor games

It’s good for the body and the mind to get plenty of fresh air, so take your games outside if you can. If the conditions aren’t great for a traditional board game, try a treasure hunt or an outdoor maze. Or keep it simple by kicking a ball or throwing a frisbee around. You could even recreate a mini sports day with prizes for each event.

Go camping

If you’re going a bit further afield and fancy a change of scenery, get some camping gear together and enjoy sleeping under the stars. Check the weather forecast to make sure you’re prepared for hot, cold, rain, wind or sleet! If you’re too scared to camp properly, try glamping as a first port of call or set the tent up in the back garden so you can retreat into the house if you need to.

Carry out a random act of kindness

Bake some cakes and take them round to friends or neighbours, or organise a community clean-up and get rid of any litter at a nearby park or beach. Send cards to elderly relatives or church members, or knit something for a new baby. The options are endless!