Adapting to life with a newborn

Expecting a new little bundle of joy? It’s time to get prepared!

Whether it’s your first baby or you already have your own tiny army, a new little bundle can bring joy and challenge in equal measure. With the added complexities of Covid and lockdown conditions, you may be panicking about how you’re going to cope. If so, consider giving the tips below a go.

Be as prepared as possible before the birth

Get your baby and mummy bags packed well in advance of the due date. Google everything you need to include and remember that mum may be in hospital if there are complications. Think about how you’re going to feed the baby and sterilise any equipment you need. Prepare the baby’s cot and bedding, making sure it all complies with the latest guidelines. Make sure you have transport sorted and a suitable car seat ready to go (Practise installing it well in advance as some are trickier to use than others). Get as much rest as possible before your little one arrives, and enjoy any lie-ins and long showers while you can!

Work as a team

Talk about who is going to do what before the baby comes, for example feeding, nappy changing, settling the baby, bathing the baby, meal preparation and washing. No one should feel as though they’re responsible for every part of newborn life. You may decide to divide the tasks between you or to share them all equally. If you don’t have a partner, ask family members, friends and church contacts for help. They may not be able to be quite as hands-on during lockdown, but they could cook meals and help with washing. Anything to lighten the load!

Go easy on yourself

A new baby creates a huge amount of extra work, and you’ll most likely be operating on limited sleep. Try to rest as much as possible around all the busyness. Remember to eat well and stay hydrated. Take a daily shower and get plenty of fresh air. Some days will be beautiful and others will be really tough. Hang in there and don’t blame yourself if there are challenges around sleep, feeding or anything else. If you’re really struggling, talk to your GP, midwife or health visitor, who may be able to offer helpful advice and support. A newborn can put pressure on parental and family relationships, but try to focus on the really important things. Ask the Christians in your life to pray you through the tough times.

Try to enjoy the journey!

From holding your baby for the first time to enjoying first smiles, laughs, movements and words, there is so much to look forward to with a newborn. Make the most of every little highlight rather than focusing on the stresses and strains. With each new challenge comes a fresh and beautiful reward! Thank God for this amazing new person you get to love and nurture every day. Pray over your baby as you get your fill of cuddles.  The more in-tune you are with your baby the easier life will be, so spend time just hanging out together and learning to respond to your little one’s needs.

John 16:21: “When a woman gives birth, she has pain because her time has come. But when the child is born, she no longer remembers her distress because of her joy that a child has been born into the world.”