Hide and Seek

I loved playing hide and seek with my son when he was small. I could be standing behind a kid with my feet and legs showing and he still wouldn't see me. When we first started to play, instead of actually hiding, he would cover his face with his hands, and because he couldn't see me, he thought he couldn't be seen either. And he was invisible.

Sometimes we try to hide away from God, maybe we're angry with him. Maybe we're doing something wrong, and we don't want to change. Maybe we just don't want to do something that he's telling us to do.

The Bible talks about people like that. Like Jonah, who literally ran in the opposite direction rather than obey God, and ended up spending a long weekend inside the body of a huge fish. The Psalms tell us that there's nowhere we can run to hide from God. No matter where we go. He will find us. He's everywhere. And for some people, that sounds a bit ominous, like a foot boarding presence waiting to catch us out. But God's waiting for us with outstretched arms, like the father in the story of the prodigal son, just longing for us to come back to him and run towards him instead of running in the opposite direction.

Don't be scared of coming back to God if you've been running away from him. There's a wonderful welcome waiting when we return.

Jane Kitson is a worship leader at her local church