Music Review: Open - Vineyard UK

Featuring five new songs and a few reworked classics, Open is a ten-track taste of the new sound of Vineyard Records UK.

 Produced by 29th Chapter’s David Plumb, the album comes as a follow-up to last year’s much-loved Waterfalls.

The opening title track is a brooding one, emitting an urgency that permeates the rest of the album. It introduces themes of an open heaven, as well as electronic sounds in tracks such as ‘Living in the Light’, ‘We Need More’ and ‘My Heart is Free’.

This isn’t a perfect album. The electronic effects can feel overused at times. But standout track ‘No Longer Strangers’ is an unexpected gem, with its soft jazz tempo and soulful vocals.

Perhaps it is closing track ‘Glorious’ that best summarises the album: offbeat electronic sounds juxtaposed with melodic depth and stirring vocals. This is an album that’s beat-driven rather than band-driven. It points towards a significant and exciting remoulding for the brand. NW

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