Picking the perfect background for your Zoom meetings

Are you ready to make your boss think you’re about to be eaten by a shark?


You’ve managed to make coffee and change out of your pyjamas, but the laundry piles and dirty dishes have taken over every surface and probably won’t create the best impression for your work meeting, church gathering or chat with the in-laws. If this sounds familiar, you can use one of Zoom’s backgrounds or upload your own. Here are ten ideas, but feel free to be as quirky and creative as the occasion allows!

  1. The coffee shop background. You could pick a picture showing the inside of your favourite local cafe, or the one where you normally have your work meetings. Alternatively, you could pretend you’re with your friends in Central Perk!
  2. The nature background. Perhaps you’re an environmentalist or just love the great outdoors. Either way, a picture of a beautiful natural environment can really help to set the scene, whether it’s your local nature reserve or the Great Barrier Reef.
  3. The plain background. If you’re a bit more reserved, or the meeting is a high-brow one, you might want to be a bit more conservative with your choice. Choose a flattering and neutral colour if you’re going plain.
  4. The inspirational background. A relevant quote, meme or Bible verse might be appropriate for some meetings. Just be careful about where you’re sitting against the background in case you obscure any crucial words/letters!
  5. The musical background. If you’re all about the music, why not add your favourite album cover or a headline act from Glastonbury? Just try not to get caught out doing your best Ed Sheeran impression without muting your microphone!
  6. The TV background. Pick the backdrop from The X Factor or EastEnders for chats with family members who just can’t get enough of their regular shows.
  7. The sci-fi background. Nothing says, “Let’s explore new opportunities/galaxies” like the inside of the Millennium Falcon or Enterprise-D.
  8. The gamer background. If you love nothing more than playing games with your friends, why not use a shot from your favourite virtual world while you discuss the latest tactics or technologies with your gaming buddies?
  9. The family background. A nice family picture can work really well for informal chats with friends and relatives. It can also be a good talking point if conversations start to dry up. Just make sure you don’t pick one of a social gathering your chat partner wasn’t invited to!
  10. The Disney background. Disney shots can work a treat for chats with kids (or even big kids). Whether you’re discussing the bare necessities with Baloo or letting it go with Elsa, a nice cartoon could be a little more interesting than your dusty bookshelves or magnolia walls.

Remember to make sure the background is appropriate for the occasion. A picture of your family on the beach probably isn’t a good look for a Zoom job interview and a shot of the Kardashians may not be right for Sunday morning virt church!