Review: Fiona Crow - Masterpiece

An album which is entitled Masterpiece certainly has a lot to live up to.

The title track of Fiona Crow’s second solo album explores Ephesians 2:10 (where Paul says that we are God’s masterpiece). The entire project radiates with uplifting themes, as demonstrated by tracks such as ‘Citizen of heaven’, ‘Father heart’ and ‘At your feet’.

Crow’s strong lead vocals stand out, carrying each song confidently. Many of the songs are co-writes, showcasing the power of collaboration. ‘Be moved’ is noteworthy as a faith-motivating track (“So I say to this mountain, be moved!”) and her cover of Samuel Lane’s ‘All my love’ provides another strong anchor point on the listening journey. ‘Be still’ is perhaps the best song of the lot and is sung from God’s perspective – a rarity in Church music these days.

Crow is a worship leader with the Elim Pentecostal movement in Scotland, and the album draws on that raw grass-roots spirit – something that should be represented more in British worship releases. The band recorded live – all together at once – which has resulted in the occasional rough edge, and a slight sparseness to some arrangements (the electric guitars sound a little boxy). But, considering the way the album was recorded, the musicianship and production are impressive.

Although it may lack the finishing touches and finesse of a true masterpiece, listeners will discover their own preciousness before God in these heartfelt songs from a gifted vocalist and worship leader.

Ben Trigg is a musician, songwriter and worship leader based in London and working with Ichthus Christian Fellowship