Review: KXC - All Things New

KXC’s debut album captures the worshipping heart of their thriving church plant in London’s King’s Cross.

KXC’s own journey is reflected in the songs, especially title track ‘All things new’, written while on the mission field. But it might escape the listener without knowledge of the backstory. The sound and content of the songs is similar to what we’ve heard from influential ministries such as Worship Central or Bethel Music.

One key difference is the congregational singing is more audible on this recording than similar large-scale productions, reminding the listener that there is a church worshipping here – not just a rock band playing a show.

The lyrics range from the refreshingly challenging “dethrone my idols” to curious non sequiturs “no name is higher…and yet you call us deeper still” but the strongest song is ‘Kingdom come’ – with a prophetic bridge speaking to the weak and the poor.


Ben Trigg is a musician, songwriter and worship leader based in London and working with Ichthus Christian Fellowship

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