Review: Life Worship - Speak to the storm

In the face of life’s difficulties do you run towards God, or away from him? Life Worship are breaking down barriers and laying it all on the table with their new album. 

Speak to the Storm challenges us to step out of our man-made comfort zones and seek refuge in God first.

Its title is taken from Mark 4:35-41 (“even the wind and the waves obey him”). The church’s co-pastor Charlotte Gambill says the release is intended to speak light into the ups and downs that life has to offer. “We all have storms…but everyone also has a voice, and our words have power.”

This album oozes authenticity and raw emotion. “Each song represents the real-life stories happening in our church family,” says worship pastor Aaron Baxter, whose voice can be heard on lead single ‘Miracles happen’.

‘Breakthrough here’ is particularly powerful in lifting the weight of strongholds and is a great reminder of God’s almighty power, while the fun and vibrant ‘Imagine’ is the album’s party anthem.

Speak to the Storm is certainly an album for everyone, declaring God’s peace and provision in every situation.

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