Review: Soul Survior - Standing On The Edge

Given their long history of raising up worship leaders, it’s no surprise that Soul Survivor’s latest live record features plenty of the kind of rockdriven anthems that we’ve come to expect from the team led by Tom Smith and Beth Croft.

As they near the end of 26 years of vibrant youth conferences, Soul Survivor might be tempted to play it safe. And while it’s true that there’s little pushing of musical boundaries, Rend Collective and Guvna B at least offer something different in genre and lyrical style. In fact, it’s these guest artists who bring the standout tracks. ‘Rescuer’ from Rend Collective may be the band’s freshest and lyrically richest barnstormer since ‘Build your kingdom here’, and Guvna B’s ‘Cast your cares’ is similarly memorable.

The rest of the album contains reworked hits from the likes of Hillsong and Bethel. And the themes all revolve around personal salvation and response. Reflections on the life of Jesus are firmly fixed on the cross and resurrection, best typified by the song ‘Risen’.

‘Obey’ is a slightly more outwardlooking missional tune. And there are some clever generationally appropriate lyrics including: “You’re the image of perfection / A thousand pictures with no filter”.

As another marker in the history of a conference that is drawing to a close in 2019, the sound is bright and the passion undying. This album will stand as a worthy part of the record of all that God has done through Soul Survivor.

Ben Trigg is a musician, songwriter and worship leader based in London and working with Ichthus Christian Fellowship