Review: Worship Central - Stir A Passion [Live]

Praise and worship heavy-hitters, Worship Central, are back with a record that sees them return to what they do best: live albums.

Standout tune ‘Majesty (O the mystery)’ highlights how the collective has been influenced by current pop music. Its guitar lines add a slightly different tonality as (unusually for worship music) they’ve more in common with The 1975 than U2.

There isn’t a huge amount of melodic variation with the chord progressions, and likewise, the lyrics are generally quite safe. But you can hear the influence of Hillsong United’s songwriters in the increased use of poetic language, which should be welcomed.

This album will draw you into worship, and we should expect worship teams all over the world to be singing and leading services with the title track. It’s a simple song of devotion, but it has a wonderful ferocity and it does what it says on the tin: stirs a passion.

Worship Central has written many of the songs that the British Church holds dear. With future releases, it would be great to see them diversify and include the influence of the many nations that call Britain home.

Rich Butt is the worship pastor at ChristChurch London

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