What's Premier Digital About?

New to Premier Digital? Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Bennett, answers your burning questions and explains how Premier Digital is helping the Christian community make the most of the opportunities digital media has to offer.

Q: What is Premier Digital all about?

Premier Digital is about helping equip the Christian community to communicate well online. This is done by inspiring people with what is possible through digital tools, equipping them with skills to start using those tools and connecting them with other people and ministries that can enable them to make a greater impact online.

Q: Why is it important that Christians understand and use digital?

There are about 1.1 billion websites in the world, 2.2 billion people using social media and more young people on social media in this country than there are in our churches. If the Church wants to communicate to the younger generation, they need to be where they are – and that’s online.

Q: What can Premier Digital help with?

Premier Digital covers all the different aspects and disciplines of working online – websites, social media, online fundraising or communicating your charity’s message. The resources offered are incredibly broad because we know that both the Christian community and the digital community are very broad.

Q: Who is Premier Digital for?

Premier Digital offers something for everyone, whether a church leader or the person in charge of the church website, someone working in the communications department of a charity or Diocese or running a business with a Christian ethos.

Q: What is the Premier Digital Conference and why should people attend?

The Premier Digital Conference is Europe’s largest one-day gathering of Christians who are passionate to see their faith worked out effectively online. There will be at least 600 delegates, 40 speakers and 30 different sessions where you can access an unrivalled array of expert speakers and topics addressing the kind of challenges you’re facing online.

Q: Why was the Premier Digital Awards started nine years ago?

We noticed that there were lots of people doing good work online that weren’t being recognised and there was a lot that the Christian community could learn from these ministries and churches. That’s why we created the Awards –to celebrate and encourage excellence online and provide the opportunity for others to learn from what they’re doing.

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