Marriage Week

National Marriage Week (February 7th to 14th) is a collaborative campaign to strengthen individual marriages, reduce the divorce rate, and build a culture that fosters strong marriages.This year on Premier Christian Radio we have an incredible line up of interviews and features to inspire educate and encourage you! Good communication is the key to a strong marriage and throughout National Marriage Week we’ll be looking at ways improving your communication and avoiding the common pitfalls in a marriage. 

Susan Deborahs and her fiancé made the decision to save their first kiss for marriage. Find out their rationale as she shares with Maria Rodrigues. More

As a family court judge, Paul Coleridge saw thousands of relationships break down. He explains why it convinced him that the best way of ensuring a stable society in the UK is to strengthen marriage More

JEMIMA REYNOLDS, a single Christian whose views on sex before marriage have changed over the past years, and LOLA BUSARI, a married Christian who has written a book on sex ('God Made Sex And He Saw That... More

Everyone walks down the aisle dreaming of their happily ever after - but maintaining a happy marriage is often easier said than done.The average marriage now lasts a little over 11 years in the UK, and... More

Ashley Willis offers advice for married couples More

Hear Nicky and Sila Lee, authors of The Marriage Book, chat to Maria Rodrigues about marriage. They answered your questions about how to overcome the challenges you are facing in marriage ranging from... More

Dr Sumi Sukumar and Sharon Oliver shared with Maria Rodrigues some tips and advice on the menopause from a Christian perspective. More

Do you find yourself putting on a front in Church? What can be done to enable us to be real? How can we learn to spot when people are struggling and even prevent affairs from happening? CLAIRE MUSTERS... More

CLIF and MARIE REID came to realise that communication is a key part of a strong, healthy marriage so created a card game with conversation topics to help couples talk about a range of issues. Maria Rodrigues... More

What advice would you give to someone who can’t help themselves – perhaps it’s always having that ‘last word’ – or feeling like they have to be the one to win an argument? To always be ‘right’? More