Hillsong worship leader showing 'incredible results' after brain aneurysm

Sat 24 Aug 2019
By Tola Mbakwe

Hillsong worship leader Chelsea Taylor is said to be recovering extremely well after having a sudden brain aneurysm last Sunday. 

Hillsong Creative pastor Cass Langton wrote in an Instagram stories post. “Her results are incredible!

“They revealed minimal vasospasms that were attended to and the doctors are confident there won’t be any more.”

Instagram Stories


Langton even said Chelsea is looking forward to being at church on Sunday although Langton added she’s not “sure if it will be that quick.”

Langton thanked all of Taylor's supported for “faithfully storming heaven”.

Instagram Stories


Taylor, a worship leader Hillsong’s Sydney-based “Hills” campus, was rushed to hospital shortly after leaving the stage. She then underwent nine hours of brain surgery.

An aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel and it can cause sudden agonising headaches, a stiff neck, sickness and pain when looking at light.

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