Jeff Lucas accuses Netflix series of 'cheap stunts' to demonise Christian group

Wed 14 Aug 2019
By Heather Preston

Christian author Jeff Lucas says the release of Netflix's 'The Family' - a docudrama about a Christian group with ties to US politics - discredits Christians' efforts to bring Jesus to people of influence and instead paints them as evil conspirators. 

With a tag line "It's not about faith, it's about power", the streaming services' release premiered on 9th August and suggests that The Family, also known as The Fellowship are a secretive Christian society, working to infiltrate the White House.

In his blog on Premier Christianity, Mr Lucas says: "From the start, the agenda of the film maker is obvious, because the suggestion is that the Trump administration has come about because of the furtive activities of this alleged band of plotting believers."

The Fellowship is a religious and political organisation that has run for over 80 years and provides Christian ministry and support to world leaders, through weekly bible studies, prayers and forum discussions.

They hold an annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C which is attended by the sitting US president.


Mr Lucas visited the prayer event in 2017 and says the organisation helps support those walking "the slippery tightrope of being Christian and in politics, as well as reaching out with the love of Jesus to leaders around the world."
He continued: "As for the Prayer Breakfast, no agenda was shared that might lead to world domination; we ate eggs and bacon, met some interesting people, and...prayed."

Mr Lucas has criticised the show for using 'cheap stunts' to turn the good work of Christians into a dark conspiracy.

"How do you attack a group for showing love and support? First of all, cue spooky music throughout the docudrama, a cheap stunt. Put a frightening stanza as a background to shots of Julie Andrews running up a hill declaring that those hills are alive and you can easily give the impression that singing nun might be a serial killer and a member of the Illuminati.

"The notion seems to be that all influence is conspiratorial, and collaboration is criminal, a laughable notion not only in DC, but in any political arena, which is all about impact and partnership.

"And in this gospel according to Netflix, Christian influence is especially evil."

The official Netflix trailer has had nearly 300,000 views on YouTube since it was released on 24th July.


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