A French court has found top Catholic official Cardinal Philippe Barbarin guilty of failing to report... More

Foreign leaders showered US President Donald Trump and his family with more than 140,000 dollars (£106,000)... More

In an interview with the Hillsong channel, Hailey Bieber said she compares herself to people all the... More

Pope Francis has sent condolences to tornado victims in Alabama and US President Donald Trump will visit... More

Jayden Smith's foundation and a church have united to bring clean water to Flint, Michigan. More

The survival of scores of Bibles following a major fire at a church has left firefighters amazed. More

Three Iranian Christians have been arrested in the city of Rasht (above) in Gilan province in Iran. More

Pope Francis said he has decided to open up the Vatican archives on Second World War-era pontiff Pius... More

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