The Finnish female nationals were shot dead in the western Afghan city of Herat. More

The Salvation Army is among a number of Christian organisations welcoming thousands of spectators to... More

Meriam Ibrahim has been flown to Italy after all the charges against were dropped. More

Judges in Iran have sentenced a Christian man to have his lips burnt for eating during the Muslim holy... More

Two more planes carrying victims of last week’s aircraft disaster in Ukraine are due to fly to the Netherlands... More

A Christian organisation that runs sex education in schools says more young people need to know the dangers... More

The first bodies recovered from the Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed in Ukraine last week are being... More

There are calls for a flute band that’s alleged to have played music outside a Belfast church whilst... More

The Church of England will urge selection boards to use a system which would speed up the appointment... More

A Nigerian priest is urging people to pray for more than 250 young Christian girls kidnapped there as... More

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