Seven point one percent of people are now out of work, after 167,000 people found jobs in the three months... More

Revd Nadim Nassar says if the conference goes ahead in Geneva then the world will see history beind made.... More

The volunteer run credit union facility will operate from the vestry of All Saints Church in Sittingbourne... More

The first bar to open on a motorway service station has started begun selling booze. More

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's published a 25-point action plan, after a survey claimed youngsters... More

The Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury's urging people to use Peace Sunday to remember those caught up in... More

Victims of child sexual abuse describe Vatican representatives as 'evasive' at United Nations hearing... More

Former Church Action on Poverty director died earlier this month after suspected brain haemorrhage. More

Christian anti-persecution charity Release International believes Behnam Irani's being kept there for... More

New research from the Church of England shows the number of children and young people going to church... More

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