Christian athlete and Olympian Tessa Sanderson says fans will be disappointed she'll miss the Games in... More

Predictions based on new analysis of data from Britain's religions and age groups from the 2011 cens... More

EU diplomats are reportedly considering proposals to send a battalion of EU troops to the Central African... More

The Prime Minister's calling for a 'calm response' to the jury's conclusion that a police marksman lawfully... More

Christian based Family Education Trust dismisses the idea, describing the Sex Education Forum advice... More

It's claimed he was discussing sexual sin when he was challenged by a member of the public before they... More

Paul Goggins passed away in hospital just over a week after collapsing while out jogging. More

Christian Connection's made the statement on its new advertising campaign. More

Open Door's 2014 World Watch List finds Christians are most at risk in fragile states with militant Islamic... More

The games are now responsible for half the one point five billion pounds in annual profits made by betting... More

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