Charity of the Year 2018

We are delighted to be partnering with Tearfund, a Christian international relief and development agency, as our Charity of the Year. 

This year Tearfund will be sharing more about their work and telling encouraging stories of transformation like Davina’s...



You’ve got to look very hard to find any hope in Madzangina. The village is in a remote part of the war-torn DRC. Life here is tough: there are no roads, and the area has a history of violence – with women and girls often targeted. Women suffer in the home and the community too, as gender-based violence is commonplace.

Davina, aged 30, lives in the village, and relies on farming to provide for her six children. Her family struggle to source even the basics, including food. She can only afford to send one of her children to school.



It seemed like nothing would change for Davina, but hope came to her family when staff from Tearfund and our local partner, Action Entraide, invited her to a very unusual workshop...

Sabine from Tearfund had noticed that an abundance of guava fruit was growing in Madzangina. A lot of the fruit was going to waste, as it couldn’t be stored.

Sabine came up with a plan to utilise this God-given – and free – resource. It could be made into jam – which keeps for much longer and can be sold for a profit in a nearby village. She organised a workshop to share this idea with local women like Davina.



Davina was inspired by the jam-making demonstration and tried it again at home the next day. ‘If I work hard, I can make jam,’ she says. ‘If I make jam I can help my children. I would love to do that because it would bring in extra money.’

For Davina, the possibilities are endless. ‘Making jam will improve my life. It could help to educate my children, provide for our daily needs. Maybe one day I can build a house…’.

Not only does this give women like Davina a new way to earn a living, it helps restore their self-belief and confidence, crucial in a country where women are too often abused and treated as second-class citizens.

It doesn’t take much to start releasing people’s potential to overcome poverty. For Davina, it took guava jam.

Will you give today, to empower someone like Davina?


Just £6 a month could provide skills training that will change lives.


About Tearfund

Founded in 1968, Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency working in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. Partnering with local churches, we believe in empowering individuals and communities to realise that the answer to poverty lies within themselves.

We believe that broken relationships are the root cause of poverty and Jesus came to restore those relationships.

This year, Tearfund celebrates its 50th anniversary. We have come so far, yet there is still much to do. We believe an end to extreme poverty is near, but it takes each and every one of us to do our part.

Motivated by Jesus’ relentless love, we won’t stop until poverty stops.


Just £6 a month could provide skills training that will change lives.

To donate, please call 0300 00 40 353 or give online. Thank you.