Charity of the Year 2019

 Introducing Christians Against Poverty

UK poverty is real, with millions locked in its miserable grip. Christians Against Poverty is committed to bringing life changing freedom and good news to people in desperate need. We do this through Debt Centres, Job Clubs, Life Skills courses and Fresh Start, all in partnership with local churches.



The people we help have often suffered multiple life traumas – the kind of unexpected events that would sink you if you were hit by just one, never mind three, four or five. Family illness, bereavement, relationship breakdown and poor mental health are some of the causes that then trigger an unstoppable spiral into debt and poverty.

As Premier Christian Radio's Charity of the Year in 2018, we saw the incredible generosity of the listeners towards the precious people CAP helps. Enough funds were raised to help over 34,000 families start their journeys out of poverty and debt, showing them that there’s always hope. So when the opportunity to become Premier Praise's Charity of the Year arose we knew we had to snap it up!

Of course, we do it all for people like Andy (below), whose lives are being transformed as the local Church steps in to extend a lifeline of hope.


Andy’s story

I’d been struggling with drugs and alcohol for years and debt had built up amongst the chaos. Supporting my family in all this was really hard. It was like being stuck in a black hole.

It was horrible getting threatening letters summoning you to court, or saying that you’re going to be evicted. My life was spiraling down.

I was at risk of losing more than just my home: I was going to lose my family. I knew things had to change, so I called CAP and they booked me in.


Discovering hope

Our CAP Centre Manager, Duncan, came round with a massive smile, and said ‘I’m here to help’. That took away lots of stress. You get your budget and repayment plan and everything is explained. That’s when I knew things would get better.

We were invited on a Discovery Break (these are residential breaks clients go on to get away from the chaos of everyday life and have the opportunity to discover God in a relaxed environment). 'I went with the thought in my head that it was a free holiday and I was going to prove these guys wrong – God didn’t exist. It turns out God’s plan was for that break to be the massive turning point in my life.'

Rod (CAP staff member) shared his story. Every single thing he said hit home - I actually thought he was talking about me rather than himself. I broke down as I said the prayer inviting God to be part of my life. Afterwards, I felt this wave of release that things were going to be better.

The next few years have been an absolute whirlwind. Katie and I got married. Then I was offered an internship as a CAP Debt Coach at church. God has really blessed us.

Back in 2016, I would never have thought that I’d be part of a church leadership team, working as a CAP Debt Centre Manager and talking about Jesus every day of my life.

Without CAP, our family wouldn’t have survived but now we’re such a strong unit, all in church together and growing in our faith.



Bring hope with your support

Andy and Katie’s family was falling apart under the strain of debt, until CAP stepped in. Now they’re stronger than ever and following Jesus.

Your support is a lifeline for families just like Andy and Katie’s. Your £5 a month Life Changer gift will ensure CAP can continue to help families like theirs make it through, together.

To become a £5 a month Life Changer, please call us on 01274 760 830 or visit us at


Who are Christians Against Poverty?

With a small donation and big faith, John Kirkby started CAP in 1996. Initially working from his own home, he found immense need on his doorstep in Bradford. Now partnering with hundreds of churches across the UK, CAP is bringing relief and good news to the poor and needy. Each year, thousands are released from poverty and hundreds make a commitment to Christ! Find out more at