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Give refugee children hope for a full life!

Tens of thousands have fled violence and war in South Sudan to seek refuge in Uganda. And the most vulnerable among them are children – who often end up alone, helpless and very hungry.

Your Take Away Hunger gift of just £4 below will guarantee a daily meal to a refugee boy or girl for an entire month. Not only that, you’ll share the love of Jesus with them, and give them a chance to get a primary education. 

So thank you for giving generously – and giving desperately hungry children hope for a full life!

Who are Feed The Hungry?

Feed The Hungry are a person-to-person, church-to-church charity responding to the Scriptural mandate to care for the poor, strengthen the Church and reach the lost. Feed the Hungry directly oversee the entire relief process, making sure your contributions get into the hands of those who need it most.

Before a food distribution takes place, they secure guarantees from the appropriate government agencies, obtaining the rights to distribute food directly through local churches. Local pastors and churches understand best the people and conditions within their community! Under the direction and leadership of Feed The Hungry, distribution plans are created and implemented so the people receive the food as intended.

Since 1987 Feed The Hungry has delivered over £125 million of relief supplies to over 92 nations worldwide. With the provisions and prayers of their partners and friends like you, Feed The Hungry helps supply the world’s hungriest people with food for body and soul – letting them know that a full life feels good!

What are Feed The Hungry’s three core activities?

1. Feeding the world’s hungry

Your gift helps supply food and relief items directly to the world’s hungriest people as we partner with local churches and ministries. We empower the local church as they reach out to their communities.

2. Providing disaster relief

Through an established network of churches and ministries, we are able to respond quickly when natural disasters strike around the world.

3. Every Child Every Day feeding programme

Started in 2005, Feed The Hungry has set a goal to feed 175,000 children every day in 2016. Supporting established orphanages and ministries focused on children, we relieve the daily burden of providing food.

If you wish to donate over the phone please call 0303 300 0484.