Housefires are back!

17/07/19 - This week we bring you Housefires, Nick Smith and more delights for the ears... we hope you enjoy!

We’re here every Wednesday with a bunch of our current favourite music videos to get you through the rest of the week! #VideoDigest

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Housefires - Coming Home (feat. Nate Moore)




Local Sound - I Could Sing Your Love Forever


Common Hymnal - I've Got The Joy (feat. Dee Wilson)


Live Vineyard Worship / Samuel Lane - Look to Jesus

@vnydworshipUKI & @samuellane

Nick Smith - Saviour and King

New Wine Worship / Susie Woodbridge - All Blessing

@NewWineEngland & @susiewoodbridge

Bethel Music / Jenn Johnson - Goodness of God

@bethelmusic & @JennJohnson20