Video Digest – 19/6/19

We're back with some musical gems, including for KING & COUNTRY, Ecclesia and Sandra McCracken.

We’re back after a week’s break (see all the new music that we’ve added to the airwaves here) with a bunch of our current favourite music videos – from Sandra McCrackento Bruce Springsteen. Feast your ears…

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for KING & COUNTRY + Echosmith - God Only Knows [Timbaland Remix]



Ecclesia - Radical (ft. CASS + CalledOut Music)

@standupecclesia // @casskanda // @calledoutmusic



Sandra McCracken - We Will Feast (From Steadfast Live)




Pat Barrett - The Way (Acoustic Version)




Kristian Stanfill - Glorious Day (Live)




Bruce Springsteen - This Little Light of Mine (Live In Dublin)




Bethel Music - Raise A Hallelujah (LIVE)




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